Support-Black Family Business

As an older sibling, cousin, and leader it is my right to talk about the importance of supporting family. There should never be a disconnect between generations. Owning a brand and business is very hard and it takes a lot of guts. I started my entrepreneur journey with little to no help and so I know what it feels like to embark on such a lonely journey. always remember that when it comes to family and working with family you will always need to have a strong connection with Allah.

family can be tough to work with but if you have Allah as your guiding point than there can never be hate, envy, jealousy, and competition only pure love and support. for the longest it has been taught to black people not to work with family and the reason that is is because people cannot come together and collaborate.

always research how to work with a team, get to know everyone as an individual and not as a group. work around everyones personality and include everyone in the creative process. There should always be a leader so choose a leader and protect that leader and always show respect and kindness. read books on leadership, entrepreneurship

so you can become more confident in the field you decided to embark on.

If you are a family member of anyone who has a business, brand, side hustle, you should always be finding creative ways to support them. If you use the excuse of not having the money then find other ways. share their content constantly, congratulate them and give them words of affirmations. make videos about their work. send there content to friends. there are so many ways - always reach out and ask if there is anything they may need, that way you will know for sure what it is that you can do to help. This is what supporting mean, support is an action! after I saw their clothing line I didn't just like the picture and keep on moving I decided what action can I do that was well thought out to show them how much I love and care about their dreams? I thought well I have a website that people visit so why not market their clothings line there. They shouldn't have to ask me as a leader for my help because as leader I should be seeking out ways to help and the best help starts with family.

what inspired me to write this blog is because I am so proud of my brothers and cousins for creating an empowering clothing brand! becoming young entrepreneurs and putting themselves out there. also there are working as a team and I think it is beautiful and they are truly breaking generational curses! as the oldest I would like you all you all to know that I am proud of you and that your brand will be more than successful inshallah keep up the great work and continue teaching the world that we can be young black muslims who work together as a family to achieve great things. don't be out here supporting the world unless you give that same energy and support to your blood line first. Inshallah we achieve family health and wealth. please follow @shahaduh_clothing and support my family black owned business! keep up the great work kings! I love you all!