Patience Mixed With Sugar

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! My week has been all over the place as usual. But I am always willing to share my insights with you. So today makes the 8th day being off social media for good! It's a profound spiritual change for me, but I am glad I decided to take the step! I go into a few details on my podcast about why I got off, so definitely follow Queendom-Motivation on anchor or apple podcast.

Day one was hard for me; I am used to thinking about what to post and what's going on on my news feed. But after like day 5, I was starting to get into the habit of having my own time to think without having to pick up on what everyone else is thinking. It's so peaceful because I love my space. Well, yesterday, I ended up hanging out with my friend Nikayla. We thought we would eat at a breakfast spot, but I pulled up there and realized it was closed due to staff cleaning! I was like, what this is crazy, so we ended up going to the sugar factory, and it was my first time, so it was exciting.

I ordered a waffle burger and specifically asked them not to put any sausage or bacon on it and replace the beef with a veggie Patty! So Nikayla and I were having good ole laughs sipping our water waiting on the food to arrive. Finally, the food arrived, and I see a big ole piece of bacon on my sandwich, and I'm like, umm ma'am can you take this back and have them redo the order? She was like, oh my god, I am so sorry! so Nikayla and I continued talking. I told her to leave the fries because I was hungry, and I am obsessed with fries lol! so then she comes back with the order, and I am like, yes, I am about to dig in! I start to eat it, and then I see a big ole pork sausage appear out of nowhere, and I'm like Ewww omg! Lol, but the server was so lovely, and we stayed respectful as well! Because at the end of the day, life is one big test and to have patience and love for all is the biggest goal in life. So we continued to have an open heart, and the lady gave me a free meal and free dessert, Alhamdullilah. It was amazing after all because that food was not cheap, Hahaha !

After we said our goodbyes, I got in the car. I was searching everywhere for my iPhone charger and what I realized is that I never even brought my chargers with me! and haha that's like our lifeline, right? and you know what else I looked at my phone and still had a lot of battery left to get home safely with my GPS! But if this would have happened a week ago, I would have noticed as soon as I pulled my phone out to go live and take a bunch of pictures for social media. Then I would have said, OH MY GOD I have to charge my phone! I would have realized that I never put my charger in my purse, then I would have freaked out and left way earlier than we did in fear of not getting home because my battery definitely would have been low. But instead, I looked around, calmly checked my phone, and smiled. I still had a lot of battery left. We only took a few pictures right before we left the restaurant just for memories, and the rest of the time, we connected with just each other. So I ended the night with a smile on my face, feeling powerful and driving off in the sunset listening to my nasheeds feeling healthy, wealthy, and blessed! Always remember that life is one big test. Let's try to connect more with those around us. And always remember that we have a duty upon every person we meet to respond with righteousness or evil. Always choose to smile through good times and bad times. Until next time Queens! I love you!