Hiking Through insecurities

well today is Sunday and I can honestly say today went very well! I woke up and cleaned up the house pretty early. Sundays is definitely my clean up days where I do a deep cleaning around the house. So yes I cleaned up then I washed clothes and I took a nice shower and then I texted my friend and asked what she was up to and she said she was headed to a trail and I was like oh my god which one I would like to meet you there!

so we ended up meeting at cascade nature preserve trail and it was beautiful! we took our shoes off and stood in the water. after some time we started taking pictures. As I was taking the pictures I started to emotionally get caught up in the picture taking. subconsciously critiquing parts of my body! mainly my feet Ive always been super insecure about my feet because I have big feet and I guess there has always been this saying in the back of my head that pretty women naturally have small feet.

my friends had beautiful small feet and they were taking pictures and I felt myself start to pick on myself. and get emotional caught up in vain things such as the outer appearance when what truly matters is the inner. after we began to wrap up I started to really catch myself and tell myself NO! you are not about to pick on yourself today and become a bully! what you are doing right now is bullying yourself because when I was younger I was called Bigfoot and people made fun of my feet and so till this day I now bully myself about it.

that's when I stopped and I took a deep breathe and told myself before I walk away from this beautiful place I am going to feel good about myself! the way Allah created my feet are perfect, the size 11 I wear, how my feet are completely flat with no arch and how my toes are spaced out! all of it is how Allah created them and he did not make a mistake. Yes people picked on my feet but that doesn't mean I have to do it to myself. I started deep breathing and repeating positive affirmations until I started to feel relaxed and happy again. I did not want to waste the whole point of the trip on negative emotions that stemmed from picture taking which then turned into insecurities. I got in my car feeling super happy and loved by myself and by Allah because he created me! I feel super grateful for having feet and I never want to waste another second of my life picking on a beautiful gift Allah has given me.

so Queens my royal tip for you today is to remember that picture taking is very serious. it brings out our insecurities without us even realizing it and it can kill the whole mood and vibe. always remember picture taking should be fun and it should not turn into a bullying session against yourself. try not to say ewww about something Allah has blessed you with. know that pictures are not the real you nor the whole you! the best part of you is unseen.... something a picture can never capture! also realize every picture is not supposed to be picture perfect because then you can get lost in the whole purpose of the trip which is to have fun and enjoy yourself. you are beautiful just the way you are with your big feet, flat feet, and gapped teeth---- I'm naming about my own insecurities and now I want you to think of three insecurities you have and tell yourself how perfect you are with them! sending love and beauty your way! always remember you are the definition of beauty good night Queen!