Do You Got Time Today? (Tips On Anger)

Asa Hey Queens! today I want to write about handling anger. have you ever felt anger rising inside you and in that split second you as yourself is it worth it? Is it worth getting upset over? is it worth my peace?

The reason why we ask this question is because we already know once we make a decision we are about to be all in. So if you choose that it's not worth your peace, luckily for those around you this will be a blessing. But if you say to yourself you know what? I got time today! That's when things get heated because you have already made up your mind that you are willing to win at all means and you are going to let out everything that decides to jump out.

what if I told you that there is no beauty in that. There is no beauty in "having time today" and that just means you are ready to face whatever or whoever with extreme intensity which will definitely result in someone getting angry.

Today I called my doctors office to make an appointment to speak with my doctor and therapist. This week has been extremely tough for me. My days and emotions have been on a whole rollercoaster. So I called and there seemed to be a lot of complications on their end. At that moment through all of my emotions and irritations I had to make a choice how I wanted the phone call to end. I felt the energy rising where the blame game started and I knew I wasn't going to let it go any further. I made sure to honor character and make sure my tone stayed low almost as a whisper because I knew if I spoke in my regular tone the irritability would have shown. I apologize for any inconveniences because I also called very late which triggered resistance on her end.. Overall the call ended and we both got off the phone in a very loving manner. I showed my appreciation for her working at the office and the services she was giving me and appreciating her for also deciding to approach it from a loving manner as well.

Deep down I was frustrated I could've lashed out at one sign of resistance from her but I didn't because I knew Allah would not have wanted that. Your beauty lies within controlling your anger. You let people see the vulnerable side of you, the side that needs help just as much as they do. To express how I wasn't feeling well mentally and how I needed assistance. Always remember this, if you are getting assistance and services from someone please don't ever treat them like they Must do as you please and you have all the authority. It turns people off and it builds a wall of challenge and resistance.

I am also reading a book called A Handbook Of Spiritual Medicine written by Ibn Dawud and I am reading the first chapter which speaks about anger. So I will share a few tips from the book to help you along your journey of controlling your anger.


  1. Rising tempers and evils of the tongue

  2. Rage and hatred

  3. Cutting off family and friendly ties


  1. Recognize Allah's power and rights

  2. Recognize your own shortcomings

  3. Recognize others rights including social media


  1. Addressing injustices

  2. Witness to impermissible acts

  3. Lacking basic needs

  4. Belittlement

  5. Protective jealousy

I hope this was an inspiration and motivation to try our best! Anger is not beauty except when done within reasons to truly express it . I hope you all have a wonderful day and always remember to reign beauty! Sending love Sallams (peace)