Busy Morning Routine

Today I woke up feeling good and well rested but I felt like I needed to be in silence.

I woke up at 5am prayed my to sunnah prayers and Fajr prayer. I took my herbs and vitamins and then I read the Quran and dua book. After that I like to go sit outside in my car, that's usually when I will do some therapeutic singing and song writing. After I go back into the house I made some Lipton green tea, decaffeinated and also added some throat tea by yogi. I love Yogi tea because of the motivational quotes that comes with it. I am always so excited to open the pack so that I can be inspired as I drink my tea.

I finally sit at the desk and I grab my phone and tap you tube. I search for morning affirmations. I love listening to morning affirmations it really keeps me in a positive mindset and its soothing. As I was playing it I started dosing off but I woke up so that I can write this blog post. I decided this ramadan that I was going to create a very tangible schedule and stick to it after it was over. What I realized was that I was always encouraged to go extra hard on Ramadan, like read Quran all day and pray all day. which has always been my mind set when Ramadan came around. So I would go extra hard and then after it was over I would like to level down and then feel a sense of shame and guilt.

So Ramadan 2020, I did things differently. I decided to pay attention to my routine before Ramadan and just stick closely to it. Also because this Ramadan was very isolating and sad because of the corona virus I knew that this would be an emotional battle. So I kept the same schedule I just shared at the beginning of this blog and worked on feeling like I am enough and really not taking such actions lightly. actions small yet it can be done every day and its tangible. So far so good. I wake up early, I implement Allah into my morning, like prayer and reading Quran, then I work on creativity, then I listen to morning affirmations, it may not be religious but its still helping me in a positive way so I am going to receive blessings inshAllah. I have more things I do during my morning routine but I just wanted to share this with you all. I hope that this inspired you in some way. work on the small things in life do not try to go extra hard to where you feel like you are straining or overburdening yourself, relax, take you time and enjoy this beautiful life