Khadijah Shaakirah Abdul-Azeez, is an African American Muslim from Atlanta, Georgia. She is in love with creativity and she thrives in entrepreneurship.  Khadijah knew since around the age of 7 that she was going to inspire the world one day with the various gifts and talents she has to offer.  She prefers not to confine herself to identify with one label, because she can do anything she puts her mind to with the help of Allah (God). Khadijah has many talents that she wishes to explore so she doesn’t feel the need to put herself into a box. Some of her talents include public speaking, writing, mentorship, makeup artistry, Fashion styling, social media influencer, advocate, activism, philanthropy, singing and songwriting. Khadijah’s overall mission is to help women see the beauty in everything and she believes that when we find the beauty in all that it is, happiness becomes the dominant emotion.


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Khadijah Abdul-Azeez's BEST selling book Makeup For Your Soul


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